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Through professional surface coating with our phosphate plant, we prepare your products for subsequent painting, protect the product from rust and ensure consistent tightening torques. We coat surfaces according to customer requirements - whether galvanizing or burnishing.

Our team will be happy to advise you on the options available to you and which process is the best choice for your requirements. If a marking of your products is desired, we will be happy to apply it with the help of our laser marking system.

Interesting facts about surface coating

The light to dark gray, water-insoluble zinc phosphate layers are formed in a dipping process by a chemical process. Thin, crystalline phosphates form on the metal surface and are firmly anchored there. The capillaries in the surface ensure optimum absorption capacity for oils, waxes and paints - the best prerequisite for corrosion protection and adhesion primer for paint and varnish coats.

Another advantage
the phosphate coating reduces the frictional forces generated during deformation, drawing or sliding processes, thus you achieve better surface qualities for your product.

Zinc phosphate surface coating
in barrel and hanging process according to DIN EN 12476 and DBL 9400 up to a layer thickness of 8µm.

Further applied processes
Zinc plating, galvanizing, burnishing, chem. nickel plating, anodizing, anodizing, zinc flake coating.

Surfaces to grit your teeth!
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Component construction

Everything assembled and checked from a single source

We will gladly take over the purchase of parts as well as the production and assembly of complete components according to your specifications.
Please contact us, we are looking forward to your inquiry!

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Standard parts

Precision in series

Standard parts in all common sizes are available from us directly from stock. In various designs and materials.

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Drawing parts

Individual ideas

We manufacture drawing parts according to your template and respond to your specific wishes.

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