Our claim

Consistent quality assurance

We are certified

The group of companies is certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.
State-of-the-art technology and careful work enable us to guarantee our quality standard.
We place the highest value on precision and consistent standard.

Brilliant results with the best equipment

Our customers are held in high esteem in our company, which is why we offer you only the best. Highest standards for products, service and consulting are our claim, which is why we attach great importance to consistent quality assurance. Our quality management has already been certified several times.

With our forward-looking view, we ensure that our employees and our machines are at the cutting edge of the industry and that we are constantly developing - whether through the training and further education of our employees or the technical optimization of our machines.

Quality policy

The core of the management system is the quality policy of Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH. Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH is a leading manufacturer of connecting parts. For us, living up to this claim means:

Satisfied customers

We must constantly meet the needs of our customers. We live from our customers and their satisfaction, this is the measure for our company's success and thus for securing our jobs.

100% quality

Every employee of our company is responsible for the quality of our products and services. Our managers have the constant task of encouraging all employees to act in a quality-conscious manner. Our thoughts and actions should constantly strive for improvement. We secure the know-how of the company and the employees through training measures. The zero-defect strategy is our ultimate goal. All employees in every process must be familiar with the detection and elimination of quality defects.

Motivated employees

The working conditions and their environment are to be designed in such a way that the employees feel comfortable. Each employee should be given the feeling that he or she is important and that only together with him or her in the community can the company's goals be achieved.

The protection of the environment

Optimizing processes saves energy, raw materials and costs. The economical use of available resources protects our environment.

Operating profit

Profit is necessary to be able to make investments at all and serves to secure jobs and the further development of the company.

Constant further development

Every employee of Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH has the duty to fulfill his assigned tasks with absolute diligence on a daily basis and to stimulate improvements. The management system, which covers all processes in the company, is applied by all of us. This system is based on ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. The employees have all the necessary powers and authorities, which are necessary for the planning and development of the quality management system.

The surest foundation of a production is quality.
After that – and a long way further on –
come the production costs.

Production manager