The history

of our family business


In 1882, Robert Gutekunst founded a screw factory and precision drawing shop in Owen on the site of his father's Bertsch art mill, which had been destroyed by fire. The company started with 6 workers at the beginning of September and the first shipment left the premises on September 15, 1882. The power source at that time was a turbine plant with about 15 hp driven by the Lauter River. The bright screws and rivets, as well as the brightly drawn profile materials, became sought-after products after a short time, even beyond the borders of the country.


Erich Gutekunst, as the son of the founder, took over the management in 1907 and in 1911 took account of the flourishing business by building the branch plant in Kirchheim-Teck. Two diesel engines and the connection to the Neckarwerke's intercity headquarters supplied the necessary energy. The product range was expanded with patented spring and hinge lubrication rings for ring lubrication bearings. The workforce grew to 200 employees.


After the complete destruction of the parent plant in Owen during the Second World War, the Gutekunst company started a new beginning in Kirchheim unter Teck.


Expansion of the production halls in Kirchheim unter Teck to meet increasing demand.


Use of the first CNC machines at Gutekunst.


Conversion of the entire company to EDP.


At the beginning of the 1990s, Hans-Peter Gutekunst made the decision to abandon the Kirchheim site, which was by then in the middle of a residential area. In 1993, the commercial property in Zell u. A. with an upstanding factory was purchased, and the move was completed at the beginning of 1994. A modern machine park and the new steel warehouse have made work easier since then. New customers could be won and new articles completed the portfolio: Flanges, stainless steel turned parts, drawing parts, and many more... Additional installation of an in-house electroplating plant for various surface coatings.

1993 – 1997

The company FG s.r.o. in Cejkovice in the Czech Republic has existed since 1993. With four workers and a rented hall the production of the first locknuts started. Due to continuous further development and the constant expansion of production, it soon became clear that the rented premises would be too small in the long run. In order to avoid the impending shortage of space, a building site was acquired in 1997, on which the construction of a production and administration building began in 1998 after a one-year planning and approval phase.


In September 1999, the building was officially inaugurated and production could begin. The new production facility has become a success story: FG is opening up sales markets in Eastern Europe and providing customers with a competitive costing basis while maintaining a high standard of quality.


125 years of precision and reliability - Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH continues on the road to success


Since August 01, 2012, Wittmann Werkzeuge GmbH complements our product world with broach production and grinding work in contract work. The company, formerly located in Schlierbach, uses the synergy effects of the new location under the roof of Gutekunst Verbindungsteile GmbH in terms of logistics, broach storage and machining possibilities.


25 years of FG in the Czech Republic


Gutekunst is looking forward to the future with excitement and is looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead.